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Condition, Health and Quality Monitoring

+++ Sensors, Methods and Applications +++


Condition monitoring of technical systems, complex equipment, technological processes and methods as well as high-quality products over the whole lifetime is becoming increasingly important.The driving factors behind this trend are i.a. increasing the safety, reliability and availability of technical systems, minimizing the costs of maintenance and repair and realizing and maintaining the required quality features of products.

The technologies and methods used are summarized by the term "Condition, Health and Quality Monitoring (CHQM)". The area has developed very strongly in recent years worldwide and has become an independent field of research and development. Markets with high growth potential include, for example, power generation and transmission, automotive technology, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the semiconductor industry, process engineering and the chemical industry, logistics and the field of networked industrial automation, especially against the background of Industry 4.0.

Smart sensors and sensor networks embedded in a powerful ICT environment are the key components in CHQM systems.The effectiveness and usability of CHQM methods depend on sensor properties. This results in new growth markets for sensor systems with high value-added potential.

The technology conference elmug4future wants to dedicate itself to these topics this year and invites experts from science and industry to a broad dialogue.

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