B2B Marketplace

The aim of the model project is orientated to an extension of the sales opportunities of the companies and to the initiation of new product and innovation approaches. Both should be realised by an addressing of the global markets which is composed of the following levels:

  • increase of the visibility in the digital world (online)
  • increase of the visibility as a producer and service provider
  • direct distribution of products and services online
  • increase of the perception as a value-added network
  • use of modern digital marketing elements
  • initiation of new aquise and distribution chanels
  • integration of feedback and screening of the markets online
  • reduction of the efforts of the companies by outsorcing and concentration of special online activities


All these levels should promote more sales, new impulses for products and innovations. This could be a boost for the competitiveness of the involved partners. The result of the model project should provide a significant component according to Economy 4.0 that is located at the interface between markets and customers. Thereby, another important part for a full positioning in the digital word should be available (besides to the efforts of the companies to generate suitable industry 4.0 processes)

advantage for ELMUG eG

The competitiveness of ELMUG eG will also be increased by the model project. It is expected that ELMUG will develop into a driving force of the organisation of cooperative value, especially of the management processes.


The model project is promoted by the Land of Thuringia with the marking 2016 IMP 0008. It is cofinanced by ressources of the European Union within the European Regional Developement Fund (ERDF)