Profit from a strong network and take lots of benefits from the services of the cooperative.


inter alia:

  • contact person for members and outside world
  • collaboration with regional and national clusters, initiatives and associations
  • cooperation among the members
  • contact person for specialists

Marketing / communikation

inter alia:

  • maintenance of the website
  • distribution of news in social media
  • logo, credit, link and short information of the company at the website
  • provision of news


inter alia:

  • organisation der «elmug4future»
  • logo presence on flyers, inventations & press releases


inter alia:

  • active representation towards the politics of Thuringia
  • representation at network events

specialist and work groups

inter alia:

  • free participation
  • information of every specialist and work group


inter alia:

  • services of the office in the company (two days a year)