ABS electronics GmbH

As a medium-sized company in Thuringia, ABS electronic sees itself in the tradition of German engineering. Specializing in small and medium batch sizes, the service covers the entire life cycle of the products and is consistently geared towards the market success of our customers.


    Contact: Stefan Krzikalla (Head of Sales) 

       Telefon: 03693 / 88070

Alpha Analytics UG & Co. KG

Alpha Analytics provides access to efficient data analytics strategies using machine learning, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, and image analysis methods.



    Contact: Konstanze Olschewski

       Telefon: 03641 / 3296495

AMA Verband für Sensorik und Messtechnik e. V.

AMA is the network for the key sensor technology and measurement technology industry. In doing so, industry and science are interconnected, which gives rise to important impulses, so that innovative solutions can also be found in the future.


    Contact: Dr. C. Thomas Simmons (Geschäftsführer)

       Telefon: 030 2219 0362-0

avateramedical Mechatronics GmbH

     Avatera focuses on systems for robotically assisted, 

     minimally invasive surgery.  Many years of experience

     in the development and manufacture of systems and

     components of sensor technology, robotics and

     automation can be used.


    Contact: : Andreas Wegner-Berndt


        Telefon: 03677 / 8659-0

AX electronic GmbH

  • Electronic Distribution
  • Material procurement according to the desired
  •  quantity
  • Stock and on-time delivery according to production 
  • lot sizes
    Contact: : Gerald Köthe (Geschäftsführer)

         Telefon: 03601 / 8896-0

Biophotonics diagnostics gmbh

     The Jena-based company Biophotonics Diagnostics  

      develops and distributes system solutions as well as

      software and database systems with which life-

      threatening pathogens and their possible resistance

      can be identified quickly and easily.


    Contact: : Jörg Weber


         Telefon: 03641 - 564 49 51

bm-t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh

     bm|t beteiligungsmanagement thüringen gmbh is a    

     holding company of the Free State of Thuringia. With

     equity capital, they support founding personalities

     and high-growth Thuringian companies in developing

     products to market maturity more quickly and

     successfully introducing them to the market.



    Contact: Kevin Reeder (Geschäftsführer)

        Telefon: 0361 / 7447-601

BTT Treuhand Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbH

      BTT has been operating as a tax consulting company

      in Ilmenau since 1990. In July 2000, iso 9001 was

      certified. The company employs 2 tax advisors in

      Ilmenau; this allows specialisation in different tax



    Contact: Dipl.-Finanzwirt Andreas Städtler (Steuerberater

        Telefon: 03677 / 67670


     CE-LAB GmbH is a modern service company for

     developers and manufacturers of electrical and

     electronic equipment. The core of the business is the

     carrying out of measurements and tests as well as

     the calibration to establish conformity according to

     the applicable standard set or the equipment




    Contact: Dr-Ing. Michael Naß (Geschäftsführer)

        Telefon: 03677 6479-80


      With extensive, professional knowledge and many 

      years of experience in cleanroom technology, the 

      company supports its customers from process

      analysis, through development and production to the

     qualification of the individual products as well as with

    cleanroom and purity tests.


    Contact: Joachim Ludwig

       Telefon: 036424 76940

Computer System GmbH Ilmenau

      CSI is your partner for efficient training with proven

      trainers as well as implementing hardware and

      software solutions tailored to your company. In

     addition, the company provides support in all phases

     of project documentation.

    Contact: Uwe Scheffler


        Telefon: 03677 / 64800

edelstahlbau Tannroda gmbh

       The company offers many years of experience in

       the processing of stainless steel. The product range

       covers the following areas: container and apparatus 

       construction, volume measuring equipment,

       industrial washing systems and cleaning systems

       as well as equipment for the restoration of paper,

       mechanical processing of graphite materials.


    Contact: Rico Weinert (Geschäftsführer)

        Telefon: 036450 3860

evotron GmbH & Co. KG

      Evotron develops and produces intelligent LED

      lighting components and lighting controllers for

      industrial image processing – Machine Vision.

      Integrated sensors and digital signal processing

      ensure unique functionality and precision of the



    Contact: Dr. Ulrich Pahl


         Telefon: 03681 / 452 99 50

eceramix Gmbh

       The core area of eCeramix is the combination of

       ceramic substrates with different materials for

       circuit or function carriers. The technologies and

       developments are particularly suitable in mechanical

       engineering, automotive, aerospace, medical and

       sensor technology


    Contact: Nam Gutzeit


         Telefon: 0 3677-799 64000


      As a global technical service provider, EXCO GmbH

      implements quality assurance measures for its B2B

      customers, plans and implements testing, production

      and production processes and develops software

      and system solutions.


    Contact: Wolfgang Weber


        Telefon: 03641 / 30949100 Internet Technologies AG
 Internet Technologies AG (4FO

         AG) – is a spin-off of Fraunhofer IDMT and TU-

         Ilmenau offers  innovative solutions in the field of

         B2B and B2C  e-commerce.


    Contact: Wolfgang Weber

        Telefon: 03677 / 2059280


        The company deals with innovation potential in RF

        microwave retrieval. Among other things, the

        engineers develop antennas, ultra-broadband

        sensors and application-specific measurement

        systems to the standards of the highest quality for

        an ever-growing customer base.


    Contact: Hans-Christian Fritsch

         Telefon: 03677 / 7613030

IL Metronic Sensortechnik GmbH

  The company profile of IL Metronic Sensortechnik

  GmbH is characterized by the development, production

  and distribution of sensors, sensor modules and

  electronic devices as well as special glass and ceramic



    Contact: Dr.-Ing. Horst Hansch

        Telefon: 03677 / 84570

Institut für Mikroelektronik und Mechatronik-Systeme ggmbH (IMMS)

  The institute focuses its research on model-based 

  design and the development of mechatronic systems

  with microelectronic, optical and micromechanical

  components. This makes imPERS a valuable partner

  for small and medium-sized enterprises in various




    Contact: Dr. Frank Spiller

         Telefon: 03677 / 8749300


Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Kelm
For his many years of service to ELMUG on the Supervisory Board

Small and medium-sized enterprises can only survive on the international market if they network with strong and reliable partners.

Interkulturelles Training Sabine Vana

   Sabine Vana-Ströhla is a certified intercultural trainer

   (University of Jena) and has been working since 2010

   as an honorary lecturer and consultant for companies,

   universities, universities, ministries and organisations

   as well as as a lecturer at the TU Ilmenau


    Contact: Sabina Vana-Ströhla

        Telefon: 0160 69 67 941

ISLE Steuerungstechnik und Leistungselektronik GmbH

     ISLE Steuerungstechnik und Leistungselektronik   

     GmbH is active on the market as an R&D service

     provider and has established itself in the field of

     power electronics, electrical drive technology and

     control and control technology. The core of the

     business activities is r&D services as well as small

     series production with the aim of transferring know-

     how, especially to small and medium-sized




    Contact: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tobias Reimann (Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung)

        Telefon: 03677 / 46130

Kompass GmbH

      The business purpose of Kompass GmbH is the

      development, manufacture and distribution of

      components and systems of sensor technology, in

      particular the application of sensors, sensor systems

      and sensor networks for environmental analysis. The

      services of Kompass GmbH include sensor

      networks, mobile monitoring and worldwide data



    Contact: Dr. Matthias Carlstedt

       Telefon: +49 3677 - 799 609-0

Leibniz-Institut für photonische Technologien

      Photonics is the focus of the research activities of

      the Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technologies

      (Leibniz-IPHT). According to the motto "Photonics

      for Life", his scientists research photonic and

      biophotonic processes and systems for questions in

      the fields of medicine, life sciences and

      environmental sciences.


    Contact: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Popp (Institutsdirektor)

        Telefon: 03641 / 20600

Förderverein für Mikro- und nanotechnologien Ilmenau e.V.

     The purpose of the association is to promote and

     support interdisciplinary science, research and

     academic teaching at the Technical University of

     Ilmenau, especially in the field of micro- and

     nanotechnologies. To this end, the work of the

     Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies MacroNano

     at the Technical University of Ilmenau is supported.


    Contact: Contact: Dr. Arne Albrecht)

        Telefon:  +49 3677 69-3426

MSVH GmbH & Co. KG

      MSVH GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative company that

      intensively combines the worlds of software

     development with mechanical engineering. The

     company brings years of experience from both

     worlds and conducts intensive research on solutions

     on the topics of condition monitoring and predictive



    Contact: Markus Joachim (Geschäftsführer)

        Telefon:  03677 76137-0


      The NXTGN SOLUTIONS GmbH helps companies

      with their consulting approach and the appropriate

      services to master the challenges of the

      digitalization process and to make a big difference

      even through small changes. Furthermore, the

      company offers you the opportunity to further

      education through the digitalization driving licence.


    Contact:  Patrick Franke

        Telefon: 09181 / 5118073





                    /NXTGN_company.mp4        IBC Video:


osyso Dr.-Ing. Jörg Weber

   The company is active in the field of customer-centric  

    innovation management. The core services are

    accelerating and focusing the innovation process on

    customer needs and target orientation as well as

   appropriate project management with modern

   approaches for the successful implementation of

   innovation projects.



    Contact: Jörg Weber (Beratung & Projektmanagement)


         Telefon: 03641 / 5618240

Solvimus GmbH

     Solvimus GmbH is a young, innovative company that

     specializes in the development of customer-specific

     embedded systems. While they also develop and

     market their own products, the main focus is on

     solving complex tasks as a service. This enables

    solutions to be found for all phases of a development



    Contact: Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Brand

         Telefon: 03677 / 7613060


   Supracon is a high-tech company specializing in the

   development, manufacture and marketing of highly

   sensitive superconducting detectors and

   measurement systems based on them. The basis for

   the products is a special micro-manufacturing



    Contact: Matthias Meyer

        Telefon: 03641 / 2328100

TGF Schmalkalden

     The Thuringian technology and start-up promotion

     company Schmalkalden / Dermbach GmbH helps

     with many basic questions, mediates contacts, gives

     critical feedback and informs and advises you

     extensively on financing and funding opportunities.


    Contact: Dr. Olaf Janda

        Telefon: +49 (0) 3683 / 798 103

TGZ Ilmenau

      The Ilmenau Technology and Incubator Centre (TGZ

      Ilmenau), a consortium of innovative companies,

      has  been in existence for 27 years. The TGZ Ilmenau

      is an instrument of regional economic and

     technological promotion.

     The main task of the TGZ Ilmenau is to make an

      efficient contribution to the development of the



    Contact: Rüdiger Horn


         Telefon: +49 (0) 3677/ 668-0

UST Umweltsensortechnik GmbH

     UST Umweltsensortechnik GmbH is an

     internationally active, recognized and successful

     company in the field of ceramic sensors. The

     competence advantage lies in the development and

     production of sensor elements on a ceramic basis for

     gas and temperature measurement technology as

    well as their implementation in innovative devices, in

    particular gas detectors.


    Contact: Dr. Olaf Kiesewetter

         Telefon: 036205 7130


      Wisit Media deals with app and software

      development in the field of mood measurement. 

      Customers from a wide range of fields can thus

      better and faster understand how their customers

     and employees stand on relevant topics. In doing so,

     the company supports ethical and moraleconomic

     action in which coexistence is once again in the



    Contact: Markus Duelli

       Telefon: +49 3677 78852-0